Procedure Solutions Management and DeepHow have lunch.

Procedure Solutions Management’s Founder, Stephen McCord, has lunch with the DeepHow team to discuss the power of video procedures, the importance of ensuring they’re created with a human-factored mindset, and how their combined efforts can bridge the skills gap and make knowledge more accessible.

Procedure Solutions Management, LLC. (PSM), a leader in unique human performance solutions, will be partnering with DeepHow, an AI-powered video-centric learning platform for skilled workforce training, to provide human-factored solutions to their video-based training platform.

Over the past few years, procedures have continued to evolve toward a digital future. These advancements help create a more efficient and accessible transfer of knowledge. While these advancements are essential, it is equally important to ensure human error is also addressed. PSM and DeepHow will collectively tackle these necessary functions, making procedures more efficient, accessible, and safe.

Below we will explore PSM’s mission to improve performance through organizational and human-factored solutions, how DeepHow is tackling the need to transfer knowledge in the skilled trades labor market, and how their combined forces are revolutionizing the future of procedures.

About DeepHow

DeepHow was founded in 2018 by a team of ex-Siemens researchers and engineers who saw an unmet need to transfer knowledge in the skilled trades labor market. They developed an AI-powered video-centric learning platform for skilled workforce training.

DeepHow enables teams to capture their know-how using a smartphone, turning this into step-by-step how-to videos. These videos can be translated into multiple languages, creating a library of organizational knowledge that is transferrable to every worker.

The platform uses the latest AI technology to analyze, index, and segment the videos into key steps. Coined with the name “AI Stephanie,” this technology integrates video, diagrams, subtitles, and translations to deliver smart how-to videos. From recording to publishing, these videos can be completed in six steps.

DeepHow has figured out a system that appeals to a younger workforce, promotes accessibility amongst non-native speakers, is inclusive of all learning levels, and preserves institutional knowledge.

DeepHow enables teams to capture their know-how using a smartphone, turning this into step-by-step how-to videos.

How Will PSM and DeepHow Work Together?

PSM and DeepHow’s partnership will work together to ensure a safe and efficient transfer of knowledge among skilled workers. PSM will lend its consulting services to users of DeepHow’s training platform to ensure their how-to videos follow regulatory compliance, consider human performance, and evaluate the chances of human error.

First, PSM and DeepHow will work together to consider the person performing the task and what the task entails. From there, they will determine which tool or combination of tools will make the person the most successful from a human-factored perspective. The person performing the task can be supported by one of the following:

  • DeepHow’s AI-powered how-to video
  • A written procedure
  • A written procedure embedded with DeepHow’s AI-powered how-to video

Next, PSM will utilize its extensive network of highly skilled, in-demand, niche consultants. They will match each company with a consultant or team of consultants who are subject matter experts in their industry. Many PSM consultants possess 20-30+ years of experience in life sciences, technology, gas and oil, nuclear, renewable energy, manufacturing, and more.

The matched consultant(s) will provide insight into creating a human-factored know-how video, written procedure, or both. They will analyze the video for hand movements or spoken instructions that may promote human error. Each consultant possesses a Procedure Professionals Association (PPA) Procedure Writer Certification that confirms their extensive knowledge of the methods and fundamentals of human-factored procedures. With this knowledge, PSM’s consultants can identify actions or written instructions that may result in error and provide solutions to correct these errors.

PSM consultants will analyze DeepHow’s AI-powered how-to videos for hand movements or spoken instructions that may promote human error.

How Does This Partnership Benefit You?

Proper training is the most valuable policy you can give to your employees. Adequate training increases employee retention, unlocks the full potential of your employees, and (most importantly) keeps you and your fellow workers safe.

With the emergence of a younger workforce, keeping up with an evolved learning style is essential. Younger hires are more accustomed to a visual learning experience where they can collaborate with their peers. Creating a collaborative environment is fundamental in maintaining attention to the critical steps of the task and bridging the skills gap.

A constantly evolving workforce means a continuous loss of institutional knowledge that results in performance inconsistencies. Since written procedures provide a broader scope of the task, it can be challenging to translate the intangible knowledge that workers at an organization have built over time. DeepHow provides a medium where this knowledge can be stored, delivering a safer and more efficient training experience.

“With DeepHow streamlining the capture and transfer of technical skills via video, this technology can fill the performance gap that even a human-factored procedure cannot fill.”

-Stephen McCord, Founder and Chairman of the Board at Procedure Solutions Management

While digital advances help us adapt to this evolved learning style, the necessity of safe procedures and work instructions must not be forgotten. A competent staff does not mean that your fellow workers are incapable of making mistakes. Utilizing the PSM/DeepHow partnership could make the difference in diffusing an error-likely situation in your training.

PSM and DeepHow’s partnership is not only a great product fit where knowledge transfer and safe training meet. This innovative partnership fosters a mutual vision for the future of procedures, where skilled workers can have better learning opportunities that mitigate risk and human error.

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By Sarah Pickett, Marketing Specialist