New Training Options!!!

Now Offering: PPA Certification courses and add-on modules.

Procedure Solutions Management is the industry leader in providing human-factored technical writing courses for procedures and work instructions.  These courses provide skill enhancement for all levels of writers and procedure program managers.  We developed and provided the first industry standard human-factored technical writing course in 2008 and have taught nearly 20,000 students publicly and on-site at client locations.

Our courses target:

  • Procedure Professional Association (PPA) Certification
  • Understanding of Procedure Program roles and responsibilities
  • Skill enhancement for procedure and work instruction preparation personnel
  • High-level Management of procedure programs and decision making impacts
  • Procedure Writing Training – Technical and Administrative
  • Work Planner Training

All courses are energizing and interactive.  Contact us about providing training on-site or customizing any training courses for your organization.