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To a Variety of Industries

National and International

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Procedure Solutions Management, LLC





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Outsourced Document Maintenance.

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Risk-based managed solutions to achieve sustainable compliance and improve safety, quality, production and human performance.


Recruiters, using accumulated industry knowledge, pre-screen and select highly skilled and qualified personnel offered at competitive rates.

Job Seekers

Professional and technical employment opportunities with national and international corporations.

About Us

Procedure Solutions Management exists to make you successful.

Our mission is to work closely with our clients to provide unique risk-based managed solutions, services, and training that target regulatory compliance and human performance.  Our team has current corporate and industry experience which brings a unique understanding of the challenges high-risk industry managers face day-to-day as a result of budgetary constraints, human-performance, and aging workforce issues.

We  partner with our clients to provide the right tools that mitigate risks and ensure success!

  • Staffing Support

    For our clients, we locate, screen, qualify, and place professional and technical employees for temporary, temp-to-perm, and permanent positions.

  • Employment Opportunities

    Our team of experienced recruiters is dedicated to helping you find the right job through a variety of employment opportunities nationwide.

  • Controlled Documents

    We specialize in the development of human-factored documents and process controls designed to ensure sustainable regulatory compliance and process efficiency.

  • Training

    As one of the first companies to offer PPA certification courses, PSM has been a pioneer  in the development of human-factored procedure and work instruction training.

  • Human Factor Tools

    We develop simple, economical, and human-factored Microsoft Word templates designed to improve procedure and work instruction consistency while reducing the overall labor effort.

  • Process Management Consulting

    We help clients build the programmatic process controls necessary to support sustainable development of human-factored controlled docs.

What others say about us

“Last week’s class on professional procedure writing was so valuable and helpful and I learned so much.”

“What you guys teach can be applied to so many different disciplines.  When I first got hired as a planner, I started seeing the similarities between procedure writing and planning and started putting what I had learned to use and it paid off.”

“I certainly enjoyed our morning together, learning more about Procedure Solutions Management.  You’ve an impressive story and outcome to share!  Your message was, I think, both timely and well-received by everyone at our meeting today, as we shop improvement strategies for our document control system.”

“Our annual assessment letter is out.  NRC has closed our H.2.c SCCI.  Thanks so much for your support in achieving this goal.  Closing an SCCI in one year doesn’t happen very often.”