Online Technical Procedure Writer Certification Course

2023 Registration for the Online PPA Certification Course

Procedure Professionals Association approved certification course for procedure writers of all disciplines.

Become a Certified Procedure Writer….from the comfort of your own home.

The course includes Procedure Professionals Association (PPA) ( material PLUS additional material to understand and practice real-world professional technical procedure writing. This is an online course taught by a live instructor. Attendance is required at all 5 sessions.  A personal computer with webcam/mic, the ability to install conferencing software and an internet connection are required. Spots are limited and registration is required.

Course details:

  • 20-hr online course
  • Five, four-hour days of intense online instruction that takes place over 2 weeks
  • Certified instructor
  • Certification of completion for the course
  • PPA certification exam

After completion of the course, attendees will be able to take the PPA writer certification exam online.  The online exam fee is $150.

Note: As of January 2021, PSM will no longer process PPA Certification Exam payments. Attendees will have to register and pay directly through the PPA website.

Special Instructions:

  • On the Checkout Page under ORDER NOTES (OPTIONAL), write in: Taking PPA Course through Procedure Solutions Management.
  • Forward copy of PPA Certification receipt so we know who will be taking the exam.
Specialized Planner Writer Certification Module

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Specialized Administrative Process Procedure Module

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