Ask An Expert – What do you mean by, “Human Factored”

Procedure Solutions Management: Video Training Series: Ask An Expert

Procedure Solutions Management – Ask An Expert – What do you mean by, Human Factored?


 Ask An Expert – Episode 2 – What do you mean by, “Human Factored”?

Procedures have been around for a long time and there has been a lot of emphasis on making sure that they were “technically correct”.  As things have evolved and the workforce has changed, industries have come to realize that the way in which end users read/follow the procedures is just as important as making sure the content is accurate.  But, what does that really mean and how is it achieved?  Does it matter where a warning is inserted?  How does “Human Factored” affect the end user?

In this segment of “Ask An Expert,” our Founder and Chairman of the Board, Stephen McCord, answers the question, “What do you mean by, Human Factored?”


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