Ken Hicks

Employee Spotlight – Ken Hicks

At PSM, we value people. As staffing consultants, we interact with people all day, every day.  And whether it’s with a client, candidate, or contract employee, we value each interaction.  So much of our website is dedicated to promoting our services, that we thought it only fitting to showcase our most important resource, our people! In […]

Procedure Solutions Management: Video Training Series: Ask An Expert

Ask An Expert – What do you mean by, “Human Factored”

   Ask An Expert – Episode 2 – What do you mean by, “Human Factored”? Procedures have been around for a long time and there has been a lot of emphasis on making sure that they were “technically correct”.  As things have evolved and the workforce has changed, industries have come to realize that the […]

Notes, Cautions, Warnings, Precautions, and Limitations – significant human performance failure opportunities?

When performing a procedure or work instruction, do your workers stop to read the Notes, Cautions, Warnings, Precautions, Limitations? If they are like a majority of users, then the answer is most likely “No!” In many industries, there is a requirement to perform placekeeping (e.g., circle/slash, check, initial) on this type of information. Yet, even […]